• The New Age of Business

    Imagigen Corp. is about imagining, and then implementing, a new way of doing business. We will help you prepare your company for today’s rapidly changing business environment, and provide the tools to keep you ahead of the competition. Learn More

  • Who We Are

    Imagigen Corp. is a highly regarded advertising, marketing, and PR firm. It doesn't subscribe to old business practices. It revolutionizes business.

  • Statement of Values

    At Imagigen Corp., we believe that our first responsibility is to our clients. We offer a professional approach that sets the standard in the marketplace.

  • Writing Services

    Our writing experts will provide an unparalleled service that combines your message with the superior writing style that has made us a trusted resource for our clients. Learn More

  • Branding Services

    We have developed several strategies that ensure your company’s character, message, and services are relayed to customers and partners. Learn More

  • Workforce Strategies

    We will help you build a more productive workforce and implement strategies that will carry your company forward. Learn More

  • Technology Consulting

    Imagigen Corp. will help you find the best cell phones, computers, or online services for your company. Learn More

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    Call Imagigen Corp. at (518) 227-1GEN (1436) for all your needs.